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posted by: Stanford Inn & Suites Grande Prairie on: May 26, 2014
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In Grande Prairie, our year is packed with many exhilarant festivals. Though none do we look more forward to than the Highland Games, an event the Stanford Hotel proudly sponsors. Our anxious countdown for this vivacious event has been in effect for months, and we are happy to be in the homestretch, with less than a month between now and our annual Games, scheduled for June 14th at Macklin Field.

If there is one thing these fun-loving people have a penchant for, it is extremism. Whether it be in their culinary risk taking (speaking of which, haggis offerings will be in abundance) or their athletic endeavors, Scots do know how to test their limits and push the envelope. All the while managing to do so stylishly attired in a kilt!

Perhaps the first that springs to mind on the topic of Scottish games is the Tossing of the Caber. Not at all convoluted by many overly technical rules, the beauty of this challenge lies in it's simplicity; it's essentially a trial of brute strength. Each thrower is allotted 3 attempts to gracefully overturn the colossol caber, points for which being deduced on form and distance. Other jovial sports pitting man vs. his own strength offered at the games will be Throwing the Hammer, Putting the Stone, and Throwing the Weight Over the Bar. All aptly named!

While many might previously have thought the banner “Highland Fling” encapsulates all the forms and nuances of Scottish dance, in actuality the various types of dance are bountiful, each depicting a different theme in history or folklore. The Sword Dance conveys an overall theme of war, believed historically to have been danced prior to battle, a soldier touching the sword auspiciously warding off evil in that battle. Other riveting styles of dance to be reveled at during the Games will be The Sailor's Hornpipe, Blue Bonnets Over the Border, and of course, a fan favorite, the Highland Fling.

At the Grande Prairie Stanford Hotel we are privileged to help bring the Highland Games to you, and would be especially honored to be thought of as your accommodation choice during your stay in Grande Prairie.