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posted by: Stanford Inn & Suites Grande Prairie on: February 21, 2014
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With March just around the corner, the first inklings of Spring will emerge, accompanied by the stirring of people coming out of hibernation. During Winter, most revert inward and condense the arena size of their lives. The Solstice shift in energy encourages people to embark on new endeavors, feeling rested and rejuvenated. Start your Spring off right this year by engaging in Grande Prairie's informative and rewarding lifestyle shows:
Peace County Agriculture Show, March 6-8: With urbanization an ever progressing rampant phenomenon, Albertans are proud of their enduring farming roots. Whereas they love food for it's simple tastiness, they understand it's correlation to being sustenance, and implement direct involvement in the steps taking it from the land to on the plate. Running on it's 29th year, this event at Evergreen Park will showcase the traditions of farmers and agriculture industry affiliates, so these time honored mechanisms can be preserved in subsequent generations. Booths will line all the perimeters of the Park, along with interactive events for all, such as a bull auction and an award given to Farm Family of the Year.
Home and Garden Show, March 14-16: With man being naturally industrious, many people experience a strong sense of satisfaction in creating and improving the state of their surroundings. Our home is the nucleus of our lives, around which all the peripheral happenings circulate, and it is an integral part of our well being. Why not pick up some tips on how to maximize the quality of your home space at this show at the ENTREC Center, now celebrating 21 years of success? Whether it be a specific product you are looking for, or maybe just a little inspiration, this festival (the largest of it's kind in the North) promises to have that, and much more.
Woman's Show, March 21-23: It is a very broad definition that encapsulates what it means to be a modern female. In today's world, women lead diverse, multi-textured lives. Having a unique ability to dabble in, and balance out, many facets of life, the concept of limitations is one unknown to many women. This Spring Edition Woman's Show, held at the Crystal Center, is great because it centralizes a plethora of options sure to entice any and every juggling female, offerings service and product in themes of fashion, health, career, and beyond. One stop stop for all!
Whether you are a vendor or a potential customer at one of these exciting shows, the Stanford Grande Prairie Hotel would consider it a privilege to look after all your accommodation needs.