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Image by: Aaron Burden


Twenty minutes east of Grande Prairie lies a true hidden gem known as Saskatoon Island Provincial Park. This park is popular among both locals and tourists alike thanks to its picturesque scenery and array of outdoor activities. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the history of Saskatoon Island Provincial Park and the fun things you can do there year round.


About the Park

Many people who arrive at Saskatoon Island Provincial Park are surprised to find that there is in fact, no island here. There used to be a large island in the middle of Saskatoon Lake (which got its name from people of the Cree nation who used to pick Saskatoon berries here). However, in 1919, water levels dropped and the island merged with the adjacent land. The region officially became a provincial park in 1932 and has been open to visitors ever since!


Park Activities

Now that you’re caught up on the history of Saskatoon Island Provincial Park, let’s delve into what you can actually do there. In the summer, camping, berry picking, hiking, cycling, boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing are all extremely popular activities. There are 103 campground units within the park, as well as 55 electrical hookups for RVs and campers. There are also plenty of day use fire pits, picnic tables, and washroom facilities along the shore of Lake Saskatoon. Further, a boat ramp is located on the northern side of the park and Saskatoon berries, which are in season in the early summer, are fair game for picking. Bird watching is another popular pastime, with the park being designated a federal migratory bird sanctuary. Keep your eyes peeled for the rare trumpeter swan, Canada geese, tundra swans, and northern harriers. In the winter, be sure to visit Saskatoon Island Provincial Park for cross country skiing. There are 6.4 kilometres of trails that are maintained all winter long.


If you plan on visiting Saskatoon Island Provincial Park while in Grande Prairie, then you’ll want to book a room at the Stanford Inn & Suites Grande Prairie. Just 20 minutes from this stunning provincial park, we combine top-notch accommodation and family-friendly amenities with a prime location.