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posted by: Stanford Inn & Suites Grande Prairie on: January 11, 2021

Image by: Erik Mclean 


We’d like to give you a huge thanks for being our loyal customer for so many years. In the spirit of supporting our community, we ask you to consider buying from local businesses that are struggling. 


Where there is an option, reach out directly to the business, for the best value. Now is a time to stand together and show your support to the members of our community of Grande Prairie. COVID-19, has touched all of us in different ways. The Tourism and Hospitality business has been deeply impacted, along with those who depend on this market for their livelihood.


We, at Monica’s and Sipps, value each and every one of our customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for your ongoing support. We are a safe and approved establishment by the regulations of Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association, AHLA.


Our business would not be able to operate without our valued employees. They are a true inspiration to our business and continued success. Your patronage is helping us to support our team members in the best possible way.


We wish you all a safe and healthy 2021!